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How I Work: Tackling Advent of Code, Day 21

For the past three years, the amazing Eric Wastl has been running the Advent of Code - programming puzzles in the format of an advent calendar, a new puzzle every day for the month of December. They’re mindbending but great fun!

I wondered if people might be curious how I attack these kinds of puzzles - and by the reaction I got on Twitter, I guess the answer is yes! So here goes - this is day 21, the most recent puzzle I’ve completed in the 2017 edition.

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Internationalization using Gettext in the Phoenix framework

Written using Phoenix 1.1

Internationalization - what is it?

Internationalization (henceforth called i18n, because programmers are lazy and hate typing long words) is the process of adapting a web application for use in different languages or cultures. Any application that allows you to change your language has implemented i18n. It’s a close sibling of localization (L10n) - the process of actually implementing a different language/culture in a web app. Once support for i18n has been included in an app, it can be localized. This may involve adding new text strings in a different language, or configuring different date formats.

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Using page-specific page titles in the Phoenix framework

Written using Phoenix 0.13.1

One common task in web apps is setting a custom page title for each URL - your homepage should have a different title than a page listing out all of your projects (for example), which should have a different title than a page showing details of a single project.

There isn’t a built-in way to do this in Phoenix, but after much reading around forums, GitHub issues, etc. I hit on two potential ways to do it.

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