The 30 Day Writing Challenge

This will be where I post updates on what I’ve written every day while taking this challenge. You can read more about the challenge here and here.

April 8th

Eagle eyes will notice there was no entry for the 7th - I missed that day :(

I tried to make up for it by writing 1200 words in Rails Foundations. The model layer was fun to try and explain… then back to the controller, and now starting on briefly covering the purpose of the view layer.

April 6th

I hit a bit of writer’s block, but was reminded of my good progress with Rails Foundations so I picked that up again. I wrote 1014 words continuing my high-level overview of Rails architecture - finished off defining what routers do, explained a little bit about controllers, and am now looking at the model layer.

April 5th

I finished off and posted my blog post about Esperanto - I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, though I kind of ran out of steam towards the end!

April 4th

I was asked to write an introductory blog post about Esperanto, by some people who read my last post and had their interest peaked. So I started writing one! I’m just over 1000 words in, but it’s not finished, so it will get more content added and hopefully posted tomorrow.

April 3rd

I wrote a 315 word blog post about Gerda malaperis, but the work on the book itself doesn’t strictly count towards my word limit because I’m not actually writing anything. So I also write 755 more words in Rails Foundations - finishing off my chapter introducing how Rails is involved with generating HTML, CSS and JS, and moving onto the next chapter, which is a 50,000 foot overview of the steps involved in a full request, from URL to HTML.

This challenge is tough, but I’m getting stuff done!

April 2nd

I wrote another 1208 words in Rails Foundations. I’ve finished explaining how HTML, CSS and JS fit together in a webpage, and how Rails fits into the picture by building HTML pages with dynamic content. Tomorrow I’ll write a brief introduction on how Rails fits in with CSS and JS by briefly describing the asset pipeline!

April 1st

I wrote 1062 words on Rails Foundations, the book I mentioned starting for an introduction to Rails. That 1062 words covers a basic introduction, and part of the first chapter - introducing concepts on how the internet works like the request/response cycle, and starting to explain how HTML, CSS and JS fit together to make up a webpage. When I said foundations, I meant it! :D